Welcome To The Cruel World, Fight For Your Mind, The Will to Live

Ben Harper

Triple album CD – 1999 – Virgin Records

Liste des titres

Disque 1
The Three of Us
Whipping Boy
Breakin’ Down
Don’t Take That Attitude to Your Grave
Waiting on an Angel
Mama’s Got a Girlfriend Now
Like a King
Pleasure and Pain
Walk Away
How Many Miles Must We March ?
Welcome To The Cruel World
I’ll Rise
Disque 2
Ground On Down
Another Lonely Day
Please Me Like You Want To
Gold to Me
Burn One Down
Excuse Me Mr.
People Lead
Fight For Your Mind
Give a Man a Home
By My Side
Power of the Gospel
God Fearing Man
One Road To Freedom
Disque 3
Homeless Child
Number Three
Roses From My Friends
Jah Work
I Want to Be Ready
The Will To Live
Widow of a Living Man
Glory and Consequence
Mama’s Trippin’
I Shall Not Walk Alone

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